About Cha Roberts

Cha Roberts

Cha is a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) and a Holistic Aromatherapist. Cha brings years of aromatherapy education and teaching experience to AromaEducators and is enthusiastic and passionate about her vision and dedicated to bringing awareness, and practical hands-on use in her classes. As part of the teaching staff at the Finger Lakes School of Massage, in Ithaca, NY, until 2010, she spent 10 years sharing her passion about essential oils. Her commitment, then as now, is to educate and share about the therapeutic qualities of essential oils and promoting their use in place of synthetic products and for relaxation and healing.

Certificated in Holistic Aromatherapy in 2001 by Andrea Butje at Aromahead Institute she continues to advance her studies in the field of aromatherapy. Like many of her colleagues in the Aromatherapy community Cha’s passion about essential oils is contagious, and her commitment to safe education for personal and public consumption is of great importance to her.  In her own practice and private life she promotes the use of non-toxic, chemical-free products.

Aromatherapy Educational Background:

AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists)Educational Tele-ConferencesMonthly
Professional and Active MemberAIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists)Annual
Professional and Active MemberNAHA (National Association for Holistic AromatherapyAnnual
Naturopathic CEEssential Oil Pharmacokinetics: Full Course2020
Tisserand Institute / Petra Ratajc, PhDEssential Oil Kinetics Masterclass2020
KicozoFusion Aromatherapy and Pain2019
Eclectic Herbal schoolAn Integrative Approach to Thyroid Disorders2019
Naturopathic CEEssential Oil Pharmacokinetics: An Introduction2019
KicozoFusion Aromatherapy for the Sick and Dying2018
Aromatic StudiesDemystifying Essential Oil Research:
Evidenced Based Practical Approach
Naturopathic CEAromaChemistry2018
Franklin InstituteIntroduction to Research Studies2018
Tisserand Institute / Joy BowlesFundamental Chemistry2018
Tisserand InstituteEssential Oil Safety: Cutting Through the Noise2018
Susan M. ParkerLipids Decoded2017
Susan M ParkerEmulsion Alchemy2017
Heartstone Herbal SchoolEndocannabinoid System2017
Heartstone Herbal SchoolHeart Coherence, Relaxation & Health2017
Heartstone Herbal SchoolAsthma, Allergies & Respiratory Health2017
Heartstone Herbal SchoolHeartstone Herbal Apprenticeship Program2016
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsClinical Aromatherapy Approaches for Painful & Inflammatory Conditions2016
Tisserand Institute (Online)Therapeutic Foundations of Essential Oils2015
The School for Aromatic Studies (Online)Hydrosol Explorations Certificate Program2015
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsAdvanced Clinical Aromatherapy Level One Residential Intensive2015
Tisserand Institute (Online)The Complete Skin Series2014
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsClinical Aromatherapy strategies for Infection2014
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsAdvanced Formulations Class: Chronic infections, Immune and Terrain support2014
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsAroma-Psychology: Research and applications to enhance treatment efficacy2014
AromaHead InstituteCertified Aromatherapy Teacher Training2013
AromaHead InstituteComponent Blending – Conifers2013
AromaHead InstituteMedicinal Blending2013
Gabriel MojayPsychological-Medical Astrology of Essential Oils2013
Tammi SweetAnatomy & Physiology Lecture Series2013
AromaHead InstituteAnatomy & Physiology for ACP Online2013
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsThe Use of Essential Oils for Pain Management2012
Snow Lotus AromatherapyTreatment of Respiratory Conditions w EO2012
Snow Lotus AromatherapyTreatment of Gastrointestinal Conditions with Essential Oils2012
Snow Lotus AromatherapyEssential Oil Medicine2012
Snow Lotus AromatherapyTreatment of Gyn Disorders w Herbs and EOs2011
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsAdvanced Clinical Aromatherapy Formulations Master Class2011
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsIntroduction to Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy2011
Robert TisserandAromatherapy Research & the Synergy of Constituents2011
AromaHead InstituteBuilding Web Presence     Online2011
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsClinical Aromatherapy & Musculoskeletal Disorders2010
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsClinical Aromatherapy Approaches in Dermatology2010
AromaHead InstituteThe Business of Aromatherapy2010
AromaHead InstituteAromatic Blending2010
AromaHead InstituteAdvanced Practitioner’s Seminar2009
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsAdvanced Clinical Aromatherapy for Genito-Urinary Disorders2009
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsSupporting the Terrain2009
AromaHead InstituteAnatomy & Physiology A Holistic Approach2009
AromaHead InstituteTheory and Practice of Aromatherapy Education2009
AromaHead InstituteAromatherapy Certification Program Level 22009
AromaHead InstituteAnatomy & Physiology for Self-Study Online2009
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsAdvanced Clinical Aromatherapy for Digestive Disorders2008
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsAromatherapy in Pregnancy and Beyond2008
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsThe Use of Essential Oils in the Cancer Care Environment2007
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsAdvanced Clinical Aromatherapy for Respiratory Disorders2007
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsIntroduction to French Medical Aromatherapy2005
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsAdvanced Clinical Aromatherapy 12005
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsAromatherapy and Infection2002
Essential Oil Resource ConsultantsAcute Aromatic Care2001
AromaHead InstituteAromatherapy Certification Program2001
Finger Lakes School of MassageTeacher Training Certification2000
Finger Lakes School of MassageTherapeutic Massage and Hydrotherapy1999

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