An Ending Before We Begin … A journey of Scent-sational accomplishment!

ClassRoomIII - NEW Spring, summer and fall 2015 were spectacular for AromaEducators and students who took part in our Aromatherapy Certification Program (ACP).

Lots of fun happened at AromaEducators as we graduated 6 programs of Certified Aromatherapists from June through November. They were so amazing to watch as we all cried, laughed and celebrated the “end” and the “beginning”.

The ‘end’ of a program is sad for all as we have usually bonded as students together, as well as, teacher and students. It actually feels like I am losing a piece of me when my students walk out the door at the last class, and there is this part of me that mourns the separation.

However, mourning is only momentary as a ‘Beginning’ is upon the world as these new Aromatherapists venture out with the intellectual knowledge gained from months of study, working with case studies,  classroom work study, researching and writing their final paper culminates in volumes of deep satisfaction and vows of commitment to create a new path and then success!

It was such a pleasure to see it all unfold, even for those who had experience using essential oils before coming into the ACP, were often ‘wowed’  with the knowledge gained from this program. And I was ‘wowed’ by the depths of knowledge all the students obtained through each program and their own depth of knowledge and how generously they shared with each other and with me. I learned so much from each class and am continually in awe of how much I benefit from each and every student.

Did we create a few products? You bet we did. We used a variety of fixed carrier oils to create a plethora of products. We made so many items, from creams, butters, deodorants, wet and dry, to sunblock, shampoo, cleaning sprays and abrasive cleaners, to flu formulations, pain relievers, infectious creams and just good ole inhalers for memory and study to stress busters and pain reduction, to name a few.

We colored, we read, and shared and laughed and talked about essential oils for just about everything we could think of. We shared stories and swapped recipes. We discussed therapeutic ideas for many situations, and ate lots of good snacks.

And every single day we were always amazed at how quickly the day passed!

Previous commitments and family challenges left me unable to schedule any 1 and 2 day workshops.  2016 is geared for a variety of workshops, including several introductory classes. Stay tuned…

To my students, thank you for a lovely connection, for indulging in an adventure toClassRoomPicII another place, for bringing your attention, light and questions, bringing laughter and for showing up so deeply committed to take The Drops of Essential Oils out to sprinkle into the world.  I am so grateful for having you in class and bringing your curiosity and joy. You are deeply appreciated. I look forward to more soon.

Happy New Year and huge successes to you all for 2016 and beyond!


Cha Roberts

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