Essential Oils for Emotional Support

ABCEOStudy“Our 4-Hour Introductory Class, ‘The ABC’s of Aromatherapy … Essential Oils for Emotional Support’, drew inspiration from a collection of women aroma artists who shared the event. There was this sweet community of support ‘from being all in the group’ ‘to all in the group’. Each person created an individual essential oil blend for a cream we made in class. All the blends smelled marvelous and I loved the “nose lending” for the tough final decisions just in case anyone needed further drops of wisdom.

The blends were added to a luscious cream transformed from four delicious core ingredient butters whipped into a creamy soft like custard. It turned out to be delicately soft, not stiff, and was so delightful to feel on our skin as it melted softly when applied.

We shared laughter, curiosity and a kindred spirit that created a special buzz of anticipation of which essential oils to choose. The beauty is that the choices and reasons resonated with the goals each student had started with.

I can easily say that this class was an absolutely joy!

We’ll chat again … Cha.” ~ Cha Roberts – AromaEducators

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Photo credit & copyright: Cha Roberts

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