Essential Oils: V8 Engine Power!

Power of EOsReading blogs … I am always happy and intrigued to notice what is interesting about them. I think, my blog can’t be that interesting and so I put the computer down. It looks content to just lie there while I just think about what to write.  Who wants to read what I have to say about anything? However, a few years back I kept a blog for 17 days while doing a water fast. What a process, the water fast, that is, and those who read it, offered their sincere interest and gratitude for my post. Then, like now I offered a post that was in line with what people, who read it, wanted to do themselves, and so I gave them a glimpse of the world of lying around doing pretty much nothing. Writing, watching DVD’s about health, listening to lectures by various doctors on staff, going to recipe classes…recipe classes? Yes, not everyone was doing a water fast. So the recipe classes were for them, and me. I wanted to go back home after this experience and do the right thing for my body. So I endured the recipe classes, with a lot of curiosity and satisfaction of knowing I could resist the temptation of trying a sample. Actually, the recipe classes were a lot saner then the cooking shows that my two fellow fasters watched all day long on television. Now that was torture! At least my recipe classes focused on healthy eating once I transitioned back from the fast.

So, one may ask, “What does this have to do with aromatherapy?” Well, the water part not so much, but the food….quite a bit. There are so many essential oils that come from the family of herbs, and fruits, and spices that without ever realizing it, we have a full complement of essential oils used in aromatherapy.

Thyme, rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, lime, sage, coriander, basil, peppermint, spearmint, marjoram, turmeric, dill, fennel, anise, cilantro, black pepper…to name a few. When using the food, we are receiving the element of that food orally, mixed with other foods. When we are using them as an Essential Oil (EO), we are using that oil externally. In the US, we generally use EO’s externally, even though in some places in the world they are used orally, under the care of a doctor or specially educated Aromatherapist, as it should be.

Taking EO’s internally, is not to be taken lightly. These little drops of concentrated glands of the plant are potent and have been linked on par with pharmacological medicine. They are not to be used, even externally, without consideration. Respectfully honoring their highly medicinal capacity is what I would like this post to be about.When we teach about EO’s and their use in aromatherapy we offer a way for our students to understand on a deeper level what the chemical components of the oils are. We see under the hood and into the engine, so to speak, to get a glimpse of the power of the engine. This allows us to acknowledge that we have a V8 engine and just because we do, doesn’t mean we have to use all of its power to the max. After all, we know that a V8 will still drive at 49 MPH just as easily as a V6. Knowing that we have a V8 allows us the luxury to know that if we need a big push, just revving up the engine for that extra boost only takes a little bit more of a push then the harder push of a V6. Sometimes, when we have more power, that is often enough to just know that we can do more if we need or want to, but most of the time, it is not necessary.

With Essential Oils we don’t always need the big engine, so we stay in a safe range of usage. Occasionally we have to use more, but as with the big engine, we should always aim to drive safely, because if we don’t we could become reckless.

EO’s are powerful. But, when used properly, they are amazing in helping the body’s immune system stay strong, they have the capacity to assist with inflammation, pain relief and wound healing. Their ability to help reduce stress has been indicated in research and that science is what is helping us discover these concentrated drops of the lifeblood of plants helps with the human body’s ability to balance “one drop at a time”.

Please indulge me as I find the words to share. It has been a while since I blogged and I look forward to tapping my little fingers as my mind plucks thoughts from somewhere in the vicinity to place on this page.

Thank you and see you next post…. And if you have comments to share, I welcome your thoughts as well.

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