I Am an Aromatherapist

I recently had a conversation with a sweet soul, and near the end of our talk I was asked why didn’t I have a diffuser going in my classroom. I paused and merely said “because I am an Aromatherapist”.

There was a puzzled look and I explained that when working with essential oils on a daily basis or with a lot of clients, there may be a concern with having too much exposure to the oils, and so I don’t wish to overwhelm my system or become sensitized to them. In order to keep my body balanced it requires me to have a healthy respect for the oils, my body and to honor the role they play in our lives. My intention as an educator is to share what I have learned from my own teachers and from clients who use EO’s and who sometimes may experience negative results from over use. We talked a bit more about it and then I moved on.

However, later that evening I had a conversation with a group of people that turned to the use of essential oils. It came up that a couple had been invited to a friend’s house who used diffusers in every room of their house. I chuckled to myself for this was now a topic that was another verse of my discussion earlier in the day; I said a little about that conversation and in general talked about the oils and educating gently about their uses and so on.LittleBottles

I know in the past I used to preach about safety, but I am noticing that when I gently share information to people who are not aware of the overuse issues of EOs, their ears perk up and they listen, even if they are not sure they should believe me. They listen, I think, because they are ready to hear all that they can and want to learn as much as possible. Perhaps on some level they don’t really know a lot about what to do with an essential oil when they get a bottle and when confronted with conflicting information it causes them to pause. It is this pause, that I love to see when I have an opportunity to address what is “in this little bottle”.

So thank you to those who provided me an awareness and a blessing!

Peace and love! 


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