Listening to the Words of Plants

A few months ago, I took a photo from my attic window of the barren tree tops and spoke of their strength and stoic posture, beautiful in their baldness and elegant in their stance. Yesterday, as I looked out of that same window, their elegance was so endowed with fullness, their posture balanced between all of the overgrowth that occurs in spring and blooms out in summer. They have a swag and a swing, that is uplifting, shading and protective. They are comforting. Like the plants in our gardens that are in full bloom or becoming in bloom now, they make you want to lie down and be with them close by, to speak gently and communicate with them.

It reminds me of a poem I became enamored of back in the late ‘60’s. In high school, my favorite magazine was Cosmopolitan. It had just the right amount of interest about everything a young girl could want to know who was budding into young womanhood. Maybe a bit more…but my Best Bud, Lulu, and I never missed a copy, because it informed us on so many levels about women’s interests, issues, health, sexuality and even poetry. In one issue, there was a three-verse poem we were particularly drawn to and I memorized it. The author was anonymous, but for over 20 years I could still recall the first two verses, and then after 30 I could recall the first verse, or my version of that verse:

“I wanted to write you some words you’d remember, words so alert they’d leap from this paper and crawl up your shoulder and lie by your ear, and be there to comfort you down through the years. But it was cloudy that day, and I was lazy and so I stayed in bed just thinking about it “

I recited it often to myself or shared with others in various forms for over 35 years. I also recited it when we would do our Sunday morning sitting with the plants during my herbal apprenticeship. We had a special place we each chose to be, alone, with nothing but the plants to communicate with. I wanted to hear them and for them to hear me. This was my lazy moment and I could think about what they shared with me. They were comforting and whispering to me about the medicine they offer, it seemed perfectly grounding and uplifting to know that herbal medicine in all of its forms have so much to offer us and they were eager to whisper it, some even shouted to be heard, and I was witness to their being. Taking the herbal program, I could see the huge benefits of both herbal preparations and essential oil preparations, and the compliments they offer each other.

What gave me light today for this post was how comforting those words of the first verse made me feel, not only about my life but about my life as an aromatherapist and herbalist who really loves those lazy moments to listen to the words of the plants crawl up to snuggle close and be by my side. The oils have a different element, because they are more concentrated and when we bring them into our lives we have an end product, some herbal preparations as well. They love to whisper into my ear and when I hear them I am comforted.

A few years ago, it occurred to me that that poem from Cosmopolitan Magazine, must be somewhere on the internet. I typed in what I recalled and there it was, and this time there was an author attached to it, Rod McKuen. It was titled “Song Without Words”, which I remembered, but was pleasantly surprised and happy to finally know who had written it.” – Cha Roberts ~ AromaEducators

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Photo credit & copyright: Cha Roberts

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