Mother’s Day Eve Aromatherapy ABC’s Class

“A beautiful and overcast day didn’t overshadow our 4 Hour ABC’s of Aromatherapy class on the eve of Mother’s Day. We were showered with so much more; the lure of new knowledge, learning Essential Oils, their scent, note or chemical constituents. For some it was entirely new, and for others familiar words rang out. What all agreed on is that new information was shared by all, carrying us tip toe to the next level or deeper into the abyss;

The excitement of opening each EO bottle cast a little exciting whiff of aroma and how to incorporate it perhaps into a blend that might be of emotional support and to match the intention they wanted to create.

We explored two Butters from Brazil. They were a delight to learn about. Everyone loved the chocolate scent of one…from the chocolate family, tis true … psst … don’t tell anyone but the soft emollient cream “du jour” was well worth the class.

And we kept on going … the second essential oil blend was for the butter. We used more familiar carrier oil names and got to use lavender infused olive oil as well. Yumm!

As usual, the hours sped by and we squeezed one more blend in. A surprise Bonus blend. A very special and personal blend encased in a beautiful container. They took away a huge cloud-full of knowledge, and a few products that will bring such joy and spirit in the months ahead. What a sweet memory!” ~ Cha Roberts – AromaEducators

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Photo credit & copyright: Cha Roberts

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