Moving Forward to Germinate Infinite Possibilities

“There was a time I thought multi-tasking was easy. And how is that possible if we can only be on one path at a time.

It is like traveling along the interstate, and trying to text. You are on one path (the interstate) and attempting to interact to create another (text). It can lead to chaos or with luck or good sense not.

Can you interact with two things simultaneously? Yes, and when you meet in the common space, wherever that is, sometimes, it’s fun and other times…not so.

We Intercept with other light beings, not necessarily to prevent their continuing on to their destination, but possibly to interact to see if we can continue along the same path for a bit. We share our infinite connections to one another even when alone.

Energy softens the day, stilling the air and contradicting my thoughts of what “I Should” be doing right now and I am graciously remembering why alone feels nourishing. Creative ideas pop and perhaps decompressing from years of being in close space with many people, it makes me hunger for social outlets to share, teach and learn. And then I get to be alone, a journey to another place, alone to just breathe, or… move the darn bookshelf halfway across the house, but please, remove the books first! “Alone” is a wonderful being, it is not LONELY. It is simply being in the world that you created for recouping, refueling, nourishing and sustaining.
MovingForward (2)I am remembering the path I traveled to this very Nano second. It is full of connections with my circle of influence, family, friends and fellow beings, fun, serious, first, but fun, interactive, emotional and happy or sad, tense and calm, hectic and relishing. Reflections of that life make me wonder, would I do it again? If I could tweak it, absolutely, Sweet! Did I say with many people, lots of people? And of course, I’d ace it. Wouldn’t we all? And I get to continuing tweaking – Very Sweet!

Spring is upon us…Be open to the beam of light beckoning us to germinate infinite possibilities.” ~ Cha Roberts – AromaEducators

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Photo credit & copyright: Cha Roberts

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