New Classes, New Creations, and “Uncommon Scents”

Photoxpress_20568827This New Year has been wonderful and mild here in Ithaca NY. A lovely change from the extended frigid below-0 temperatures we often have this time of year. I feel it is going to be an early spring and because of this, at AromaEducators, we are gearing up for lots of classes:

  • We are graduating an ACP class that started in October 2015.
  • Next we will be offering a few ACP Introductory (3 hour) classes. These mini courses will give a sense of what the full length program is like, answer questions and make a blend or two.
  • There are two ACP programs scheduled to start soon:
    • A 2 day Saturday/Sunday class that is stretched out over 7 weekends and begins on February 27th
    • A 3 day Friday/Saturday/Sunday class that stretches out over 5 weekends begins March 11th
  • As much as possible we will offer a variety of introductory classes.
    • Stay tuned for 1 and 2 day classes popping up. Some will be scheduled in March on weekdays and others will be booked in April both during the week and on weekends.

There is a new documentary program coming out soon and it is one of the highlights that I am looking forward most. It is called Uncommon Scents. Here is a blurb from their website.

Uncommon Scents, an inspired aromatherapy documentary, explores the past, UncommonScentspresent, and future of aromatherapy and essential oils. Uncommon Scents offers a
global perspective through intimate interviews with the experts and stakeholders who hold the aromatherapy industry to its highest standards, including many
of the educators, researchers, clinicians, champions, and practitioners responsible for aromatherapy’s development, growth, evolution, and success.”

“In addition to history, chemistry, applications, and safety, Uncommon Scents will explore challenging questions like those surrounding adulteration and sustainability, as well as concerns about the marketing and monetization of essential oils. We’ll share insights about threats and controversies facing the industry and community including challenges surrounding regulation, licensing, and education. We’ll also talk about why protecting essential oil sources and reducing risk are key to aromatherapy’s future.”

Visit the Uncommon Scents website for more information. And should you wish to add your support to their success, here is the place to make a contribution and a difference … Help Make it Happen.

Essential oils are so pure and amazing in their ability to offer us a way to support our terrain. Their constituents are quite adequate at offering therapeutic value to our immune system, and encourage psychological reprieve from too much stress.  There are some blends that are just purely blissful to smell!

More stories and newly created Essential Oil blends (that I am creating for various situations) will soon be available. These little bottled blends will be offered as AromaEducators’ samples for those who don’t wish to blend their own or those who only have limited access to the vast variety of Essential Oils available today.

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