Savings Exercise for Prosperity with an EO Blend

“Join a gym, studio or do it at home, but Exercise is one way of getting into the habit of putting money aside. Yep, the kind where you sweat profusely and work your tush off. Exercising consistently will help you stay focused, it will assist with discipline, setting goals, like how many days a week to schedule for exercise; it will loosen up tight muscles and help with flexibility. The same happens for saving money on the financial end. Planning ahead to set an amount each month, day or week that you plan to save, will help with consistency and growth, building stronger ties to your health financially and your spirit knowing you are doing a positive thing for you.

This all came about because I sometimes struggle to save as much as I would like and I wanted to save more. It was difficult to set my mind to doing it regularly. Then I joined a Studio and because it was not one of “those show up if you want or not” places, but make an appointment and you are committed to being there. What occurred for me is that I showed up consistently because I had an appointment. That led to wanting to be there because my muscles were changing, they went from tight groaning and stubbornness to lift off the floor to “oh, yes, I can do that, eventually, if you keep coming”. The improvements were slow, but they kept building on the day before.

Every time it was over, I felt more empowered, and I recalled that is how I feel when I save. It made sense there was a correlation.

However, NOT before you create the Ultimate Essential Oil Blend for your program. Your blends’ purpose could align with your goals for the body, the mind, the spirit and the financial prosperity you desire. I felt this would be helpful to bridge the two so that when I inhale it, I am connecting to both, since they bring a shared goal.

To create the Savings Exercise Blend I decided to take out my carousal of oils and slowly spin it with eyes closed. The energy created by a spin allowed me freedom from research and to just feel what oils wanted to align with the vibration I needed to move forward and support my goals.

I picked the following essential oils (if you try this your oil choices will be different):

Cinnamon Bark
Rosemary Tuscan Blue

Had I done the research I may not have picked Cinnamon, Thuja or Rosemary, however, it turns out it was a good pick based on the qualities I wanted. And here are a few words about each that made me feel they were the right choices.

Cinnamon is about supporting survival, it’s uplifting, and is rubefacient, (brings blood to the area), and is stimulating. It encourages vigor for life, improves morale and is grounding, it is a nervine.

Lemon is uplifting and supports relationships, it is stimulating for the immune system and it expands our energy and helps to release tension. I love that it is uplifting and helps reduce feelings of overwhelm.

Neroli also supports relationships, and creative energy. Sedative, tonic and immune stimulating, it connects us to a higher vibration for spirit and for our heart center. It definitely settles the nerves.

Rosemary Tuscan Blue is good for the brain; it balances and helps with clarity, honoring truth. It transforms, and purifies our energy and helps with grounding. It loves, unconditionally.

helps with higher information, meditation, and purity. And’ like Rosemary, supports us with unconditional love. It is expansive like lemon and a nervine like Neroli and Cinnamon. Helpful for mediation it is also sedative.

What was lovely about this mix of oils I picked at random with eyes closed: they share common properties which affirms the qualities I can use for inspiration to exercise my muscles to get stronger and offer me clarity to help balance, ground, protect and to love myself unconditionally. This blend offers a perspective that supports my creative side. Offers focus and encourages me to move past the difficult and help me stick to goals with ease, and to do it in a way that uplifts the call to take care of myself both physically and financially.

Working out was not my thing. Sure, I would do it, but I didn’t always stick to it. Once I began to correlate how it could help me not just loosen muscle, tone it up and create more flexibility it was very cool to relate how saving money made me feel similar emotions. You have to pay your dues and in order to have a flexible body that is energy efficient, flexible and strong, you have to work out. And in order to have a financial cushion, you have to save. They both use different muscles, and the goals can be achieved easily with on-going practice.

Going to class is an opportunity to see how many more inches can I raise those muscles away from my body. And as the money savings grow I get to make decisions about its’ continued growth. How an inhaler of the 5 oils chosen is a definite link to Savings and Exercise that my body, mind, spirit and finances love is truly cool!” ~ Cha Roberts – AromaEducators

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Photo credit & copyright: Cha Roberts

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