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Best experience I have had on essential oils………I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to learn the basics or in-depth information on oils……..and also have some fun, too!!!!……..well worth the time and money. Cindy Johnson Kain, ABC’s of Aromatherapy Class ~ Carrier Oils & Butters

I really enjoyed my time with Cha in her classroom! Just my thing and hope to continue learning in her school or Aromatherapy. So personal, so caring and so full of wisdom and knowledge but very humble! Thank you for such a rewarding day. Can’t wait to make the cream with Aloe again! MaryAnn Combs, ABC’s of Aromatherapy Class ~ Carrier Oils & Butters

“We attended the ABC’s of Aromatherapy workshop today and Char Roberts was a phenomenal instructor. The attention, care, education and patience she provided to our group was second to none. The class hit the mark by providing a nice balance of learning, time for questions/answers, and hands on! We made creams, butters, salves, inhalers, and even shampoo to take home! Thank you Char for providing this and it’s such a pleasure to finally meet the beautiful soul that everyone is SO fond of!”  Kathie Notarfonzo, ABC’s of Aromatherapy Class~ Carrier Oils & Butters 

“My experience with Cha was nothing short of perfection!! Her classroom is a warm friendly environment. The material covered was easy for anyone to understand. Cha makes it fun, interesting and hands on. Will I take another class, absolutely! Can’t wait. If you’re remotely interested in aromatherapy I highly recommend her class. Fun… Fun… Fun!” Denise Fletcher, ACP Introduction Class

“I attended the Introduction to Aromatherapy workshop. Cha was an excellent instructor! The workshop was a good balance of background with hands-on activities. It was great to learn about the uses of essential oils and also about the plant parts they originate from and how those are tied to the oils’ properties and uses. We made several products to take home including a cream, butter, and salve (and a bonus inhaler!) made with a combination of essential oils that we each chose. The workshop was lively and fun! I hope to attend another of Cha’s workshops.” Sharna Allred, ACP Introduction Class

“What an amazing experience with an amazing teacher! Cha is extremely welcoming, sweet and super knowledgeable to say the least. She really takes her time going through the material while making your experience fun. The hands-on product making is super fun and she even takes the time to go around the table for everyone to touch, smell, and learn about the others recipe for the product they made. Cha is by far the best teacher, super fun and just a fabulous person. I highly recommend connecting with Cha, you will not be disappointed. Thank you for everything! A bonus, her snacks are delish!” Marla Baily, ACP Introduction Class

“All I can say is WOW! What an amazing and informative session we all had. I loved this class and look forward to more. Cha is such a great teacher with a wealth of knowledge. Loved seeing and making butter, cream, salve. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about essential oils and their applications. Loved this class BJ Pataki, ABC’s of Aromatherapy Class

“Fantastic class! It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The atmosphere is very inviting and relaxing, and I immediately felt comfortable in the space. I learned a lot about creating my own lotions, as well as information about a number of essential oils and their properties. I definitely recommend this class and school!” Liz DiGangi, ABC’s of Aromatherapy Class

“Thank you so much for sending the picture of our class!!  It is fantastic and what a great memory!!!  Thank you for a super class ABCStudents032517yesterday!!  I found it well-balanced and enjoyed every moment of it!!” Amy, ABC’s of Aromatherapy Class

Cha Roberts has helped open a path in my world that has changed everything in it. I now know enough to help others in learning how to safely use the Essential Oils and how to blend them. I not only learned how to approach the issue of dilution and the percentage of oils to use, but I learned the why, what for, how, when, but I learned how to read a GC/MS sheet! I now know how to read what the components are and their properties, plus now I understand why it is so important to have these sheets. The properties change every year because of the pests, climate, soil, altitude, sunlight, and rainfall and the disease resistance, resulting in changes in the properties of the oils. Which means everything if you are a Aromatherapist putting together a blend. I have learned how to put together face creams (to die for), inhalers, salves, lotions, sunscreens, lip balms, and the list goes on and on. Our recipes included skin care, rest and relaxation, respiration, digestion, pain relief, allergies, colds, so much more. I learned about not only the oil but the safety concerns of how they can react to other medications and how they can be irritating and sensitizing. The world needs Aromatherapists if Essential Oils and Holistic healing is going to be the alternative for natural healing. Love this class … a great place to start!” Carey May, ACP Graduate

“Going through Aromatherapy Certification was one of the best experiences for me. My family began using essential oils and I wanted to know that I was using them the correct way. The information I learned in class was so very helpful and encouraged me to push beyond my limits and start my own business. Things have been a whirlwind of excitement since graduation and I owe my success to the wonderful teachings of Cha Roberts. A great student can only be developed by a great teacher. I am so grateful for the knowledge and processes taught in class to confidently know I am able to help clients find their way to be Naturally Balanced.” Tiffany Zimmer

“As I’ve grown older I’ve had more trouble staying asleep at night. Cha’s blend “ZZZZZZ” which she indicates is super-sedating has helped immensely!  I put it on my chest before I go to sleep, and am able to stay asleep much longer than before, sometimes even for a full 7 or 8 hours. And this is just one of her blends I use to great effect! Cha has not only a well-grounded knowledge of the properties of the various oils she uses, but also a deeper, intuitive understanding of what will work well for a particular person.  I can’t praise her abilities highly enough!” Bear Boel, Investigative Accountant, Semi-retired, Ex-Agent & Associates, Ithaca, NY 

“Cha’s style of teaching encompasses a variety of approaches to the material, which allows her students to learn in the way that suits them the best. There are always lots of hands-on, practical exercises which build upon the documentation and lectures. In addition, Cha has created a unique way to visually present the relationships and inter-connectedness of the properties of the essential oils, which her students find very useful and supportive. I would heartily recommend any of her classes.” Mer Boel, Data Scientist, Envisage Information Systems, Ithaca, NY

“Cha is brilliant at concocting blends with powerful healing properties. I just LOVE her Rejuvenate formulation — and I use it for a wide range of situations: muscle pain, cramps and soreness, minor cuts, burns, and bruises, headaches, joint pain and even once to help heal a broken toe. Rejuvenate smells good, and is so effective for me — I never want to be without it.” Mer Boel, Data Scientist, Envisage Information Systems, Ithaca, NY

“The class is thought provoking and each class is getting fuller and richer as the layers are being added for each chemical family that we study.” Amy L., ACP Student 

“In a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, our aromatherapy class began with a meditation that set the intention for our day of learning. Our instructor, Cha Roberts, shared her gentle charismatic demeanor that shined on all that we accomplished in class. Being an absolute beginner to the world of essential oils, my education was made easy with the way the material was presented. My experience level made no difference when it came to comprehending all that was presented as part of the detailed curriculum. The class itself was well paced and the refreshments were delicious! Without question I will be attending more classes with AromaEducators. The quality of my experience far exceeded my expectations and there is so much more for me to learn!” Sue McMaster, Student of BodyMind Wellness





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