The Best Things About Winter

WinterView (2)Hibernating
Longer nights, so more sleep, unless you are a night owl, like me
Snow – ice skating, skiing, snowmen
The Ice festival
Chili Fest
Going inward
Seeding new ideas
And Spring …

In the winter as I wake up every morning I can see the amazing tree tops out my attic window. They are stripped of their leaves, because every year the foliage must fall from the branches that it has clung too since its spring birth and now becomes an essential retreat to re-emerge with new possibilities. Nature has its own rotations and if you looked at a graph of cycles winter would be at the bottom of the graph and spring would be the emerging growth part of the cycle, spiking over the summer and by fall on its way down again to winter.

And isn’t that how we spend our daily lives, going through ups and downs? Sometimes we measure them in weeks or months or years, but we all experience this natural rhythm even when we don’t recognize or identify it as such. So, some years nothing is going right and we get ourselves in a snit and worry, sometimes needlessly, sometimes with a purpose. And if we stopped and reflected we would see that it is part of our cycle at that time. I found myself in a moment where the light bulb came on and this very realization hit me, that I can’t always be up in the graph, (because I was in the down cycle of whatever was occurring in my life). I was taking it as, “dammit”, why is this happening? Now?

And as I take another look out at the naked tree tops, I actually see their strength, and their soul standing stoic in the cold, stripped of their adornment they so generously share in the spring, summer and fall. It hits me that at each point of the calendar they are providing different aspects of the cycle, and it is so clear to realize the transition, unlike with myself. As the fall leaves are blowing all over the yard (because now those leaves have to be raked and picked up) I can feel it. But, in my own life it is not as easy to identify when that is happening or to even believe it.

When I am in the lower part of the spiral and feel a need for “uplift” with aromatherapy, I think of how essential oils work well for the nervous system and for psychological imbalances among other things and how they support this energy. Several EO’s have sufficient research evidence of non-specific regulating and protective activity to suggest they may be adaptogenic such as Lavender, Tulsi Holy Basil, Geranium. Being in the adaptogenic family means they allow the body to deal with stresses and help it stay in balance (there’s a little more to it, this is just a quick idea of the performing qualities of these wonderful EO’s). There are many more essential oils that are amazing for stress reduction. Some of my favorites are Balsam Copaiba, Orange, Grapefruit, Bergamot and Frankincense to name just a few. So, creating an inhaler, mixing up a blend for the diffuser or whipping up a body cream has become a wonderful way to move through winter while experiencing a natural energy boost as well.

The beauty of winter for me, is that spring is the start of the spike upward. Which then means another thing also, not only are their new possibilities but now I get to start climbing with it … uh oh, cardio action, yep and planting those seeds to sprout new ideas!” ~ Cha Roberts – AromaEducators School of Essential Studies

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Photo credit & copyright: Cha Roberts

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