The World Needs Aromatherapists

Cha Roberts has helped open a path in my world that has changed everything in it.

I now know enough to help others in learning how to safely use the Essential Oils and how to blend them. I not only learned how to approach the issue of dilution and the percentage of oils to use, but I learned the why, what for, how, when, but I learned how to read a GC/MS sheet! I now know how to read what the components are and their properties, plus now I understand why it is so important to have these sheets. The properties change every year because of the pests, climate, soil, altitude, sunlight, and rainfall and the disease resistance, resulting in changes in the properties of the oils. Which means everything if you are a Aromatherapist putting together a blend.

I have learned how to put together face creams (to die for), inhalers, salves, lotions, sunscreens, lip balms, and the list goes on and on. Our recipes included skin care, rest and relaxation, respiration, digestion, pain relief, allergies, colds, so much more.

I learned about not only the oil but the safety concerns of how they can react to other medications and how they can be irritating and sensitizing.

The world needs Aromatherapists if Essential Oils and Holistic healing is going to be the alternative for natural healing. Love this class … a great place to start!” Carey May, AromaEducators ACP Graduate, March 2017

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Photo credit & copyright: Cha Roberts

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