Zingiber Officinale … a.k.a. Ginger

“At the Ithaca Farmers Market, Humble Hill Farm brought to market fresh ginger. It was so beautiful! A tincture had to be created and I obliged. And so, the beginning of its end in the garden is this wonderful tincture I am creating with its fresh cut plant material. It would be lovely to have an Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil Infused Ginger as well. It shall be done.

What is special about Zingiber officinale is its longevity of use over thousands of years in the herbal tradition for helping with digestion, upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, common cold, headaches and the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. Its’ spicy nature and heat are just the right thing for chronic situations. It’s a circulatory stimulant and rubefacient, which, increases localized blood circulation to an area. It is also considered to be anti-spasmodic for relieving stress, and menstrual cramps. For Spring consider using it for congestion and allergy season. Next week we will explore one of my favorite EO blends for a number of situations.” ~ Cha Roberts – AromaEducators School of Essential Oil Studies

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